Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning Giveaway – This or That, Part I

Two lucky blog readers will have a chance to win a 5x7 fine art photo matted to 8x10.

With tomorrow being Groundhog Day, many of you will be looking forward to things like flowers and warm weather, and envisioning scenes thereof. While the good news is that here in the realm of Narnia on my blog, winter with its lovely ice and snow will continue, at least I can get into the spirit of things by taking this opportunity to do some early “spring cleaning” in my studio.

How the giveaway works:

You can win either a matted 5x7 print of Springtime Vision, which is the photo shown above at the top of this blog entry, or you can choose a matted 5x7 print of one of the other following photos from this list:

  1. Fall Reflection
  2. Farmer’s View
  3. Leaf Harvest Road
  4. Road to the Shire
  5. Springtime Vision

To see what the photos in the list look like, you may visit my Etsy shop at the following link:


Then simply leave a comment below letting me know which photo you’d like to win. Two winners will be randomly selected two weeks from now. The winners can then e-mail me their home addresses so I can send out the prizes.

All sons of Adam and daughters of Eve are eligible to participate in this giveaway.


Nancy said...

What a generous giveaway -- and your photos are beautiful.

If I had to pick, I think Springtime Vision is my favorite!

(Crossing my fingers.)

Montanagirl said...

Oh, I LOVE "Fall Reflection". It's so beautiful. I would surely love to win that one!

texwisgirl said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win! I'd pick Leaf Harvest Road! Just lovely!

Mary said...

oh what a fun giveaway! thank you!

i love them all, but especially like "Farmer's View"

Allison said...

A lovely giveaway!

If I were given a chance to pick, I'd go with Springtime Vision or Farmer's View. ;) Though they are all beautiful and enticing!

Bren said...

You know I'd be delighted with any of your prints but if I must choose, I'd say Fall Reflection. I'm excited about this give away, thank you for being so generous.

Dawn said...

What a fun way to spring clean!
Love them all...Leaf Harvest Road would have to be my pick:)

And yes....painting the town pink:) Want to join me?:))

Annie said...

I love the soothing peace of A Farmer's View. Thanks for the opportunity to win it in this giveaway.

stardust said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog and sweet comment like a narcissus.

Japanese do spring-cleaning in the cold (brrrrr.....) right before New Year. I wonder what are the lavender-colored blossoms in your photo. Now we are in the warm spell, maybe Aslan is coming closer.

Kellie Graham said...

Oh how exciting! I would love to own one of your pictures - they are absolutely enchanting, all of them, but if I had to choose just one I would say that Farmers View would be my pick. It speaks to me of my childhood growing up on a farm, and the story you told about the farmer cutting down the wildflowers so reminds me of something my father would do!

Home In The Hollow said...

Your paintings are simply beautiful! I would definitely choose "Farmers View" if I were to win your giveaway! Than you for stopping by the Hollow. It warmed my heart knowing that our place reminded you of a favorite of yours!...:)JP

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