Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ash Cave Waterfall on the Rocks

A primal view of the Ash Cave Waterfall in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. Amazingly enough, this photo was taken on the same day as the Gothic Spring images in the preceding blog entry. It turned out after driving around a stormy countryside for six hours that the spring rains eventually poured themselves out into a pretty waterfall. More amazingly, I had this waterfall all to myself. And the sun came out just long enough to give the day a happy ending.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gothic Spring

Disclaimer: I am only a humble blogger. I only report the weather. I do not create it. Having observed bare branches in Northeast Ohio, I traveled to Southeast Ohio, all with the noble goal of seeking out and bringing to you the loveliness of flowering trees and the gentleness of spring green. Here follow the results of my quest based on what I found on April 21, 2009:

This photo is called “Haunting Stormy Ohio Day.” It depicts intensely-changeable weather conditions on a back road in Vinton County, Ohio. All day long scattered rain storms would alternate with small bursts of sunshine. No Photoshop was used on this image. I know it's very dark, but I wanted to keep it as is to preserve the mood.

This photo is called “Spring Gothic.” In it, a majestic stand of trees loom in an eerie stormy light at Lake Hope State Park in Vinton County, Ohio.

This photo is called “There is Beauty in a Dogwood Bush.” When skies are grey, trees are spooky, and that roof over your head doesn’t look entirely comforting, you can still count on the dogwood bush to provide beauty. So remember, when life hands you a dogwood bush, take a picture of it. Okay, so the dogwood bush is pretty spooky too. But in a good way, I think.

To end on a small note of hopeful color, at least the “Ghostly Pink Redbud” trees were in bloom!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Spring Bird Walk in Northeast Ohio as Seen by a Landscape Photographer

The birds must’ve taken one look at the sun dramatically trying to burst its way through the haunting clouds and simply went back to bed. It was mighty quiet when we started out on the Sunday morning bird walk in Brecksville, Ohio. Ah yes, what a gorgeous spring morning ...

Every week you can choose a group to go with based on which direction they’re going. Today I chose the group going South on the tracks. You literally have to walk on the train tracks to cross a rocky stream ten feet below. If a train came, you’d have to jump off the train tracks to avoid being hit. This thought came to me while I was searching for Red-headed Woodpeckers one night after work. I was halfway over the water in the middle of the tracks and suddenly realized I had no idea what the train schedule was. So now my philosophy is that there’s safety in numbers.

Aha! Waterfowl! This being a bird walk, here’s the obligatory bird photo. Two Canada Geese, each with a watery mirror image.

The bird photo out of the way, I can get back to concentrating on landscapes. I had lots of fun with this marsh in Photoshop to give this image a surreal painterly look. The dark blue-black background helps bring out the detail of the golden marsh grasses.

And here’s a shot in which no Photoshop was used called "Bare Trees in a Foreboding Sky." Still waiting for the leaves … Wonderful spring mood, huh?

Another painterly version of the wetlands at the Brecksville Reservation in the Cleveland Metroparks.

Woohoo! Flowers at last. Okay, so the daffodils are set against a spooky Northeast Ohio April hillside. But they’re still flowers. Bright and cheerful, aren’t they?

And to end on a birdwatching-related note, here’s a tree with a lived-in look. I call it "Woodpecker Totem Pole." Many a woodpecker appears to have called this place home.
Please Note: I will be away until late Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I look forward to visiting your blogs on my return!

Friday, April 17, 2009


"Endurance is nobler than strength and patience than beauty." -- John Ruskin

Having lasted through the winter atop this rugged peak of the Grayson Highlands, this blueberry bush will grow fruit again come summer. Photo taken near Mt. Rogers in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in May of 2007.

In fact, this image comes from the same adventure-laden day filled with rascally wild horses and eccentric married couples with dogs as described in an earlier blog entry.

Yet there's a different mood here. Of climbing. Of overcoming. Of getting near the top and still not quite seeing hoped-for results just yet, and of wondering. What exactly would the blueberry bush look like all decked out in its finery of leaf and fruit? What would the taste of these wild berries be? Would it be possible to take some back down to the more comfortable life of home, to make jam and pie? Has the climb been worth it, for a glimpse of bare branches? Do they in fact hold a beauty and message of their own?

And would there be any wild horses on the return trip hoping for a handout?

Does your life sometimes feel like this?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Let It Snow!

You are invited in this photo to walk the path of silent, majestic fresh-fallen snow leading to a realm of winter wonder. Enjoy the peacefulness of fresh-fallen snow at Tinkers Creek Gorge Scenic Overlook in the Cleveland Metroparks of Northeast Ohio. This photo, called "Snowfall Symmetry," was on display this past December 2008 at the Market Street Art Center in Lockport, NY as part of their "Off the Walls" exhibit.

I, Queen of Narnia, do hereby decree that winter is once again back in session!

At least in the realm surrounding Cleveland, Ohio. It's snowing, and I'm loving it!

Last night I drifted off to sleep happily to the sound of hail, for that meant ice. Today I awoke even more pleasantly to actual snowflakes drifting down, and the longer the day wore on, the heavier the snowfall became and the stormier it got. Beautiful bracing invigorating weather, cold and refreshing ...

In honor of the weather, I decided to feature some winter photos today in my Etsy shop. While many no doubt are all intent on spring and flowers, there had to be SOMEONE else out there who appreciates the finer points of glorious white winter, regardless of whatever the calendar may say. In any case, I knew I would enjoy seeing snow-laden images again.

And the good news is, one of my winter wonderland photos sold today.

Here's hoping for more snow tomorrow. And the next day ...