Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sunrise Surprise of a Bookish Nature

Spent part of today listing items in my new ArtFire studio to try and broaden my internet presence as an online artist. The above photo, Dawn Kindling, was the one I chose to focus on and upload to ArtFire. This photo was taken on Kelleys Island looking out across Lake Erie.

Soon after I finished uploading the photo, a coincidence two years in the making happened. Back in the fall of 2008, a lady from a publishing house contacted me to ask permission to use Dawn Kindling in a textbook meant for young adults. As my payment I would receive a free copy of the book with my name listed on the Photo Credits page.

The book arrived in the mail today. It's called "La Salle - French Explorer of the Mississippi" by David Aretha. It's part of a series called Great Explorers of the World. My photo Dawn Kindling is spread across two pages and in the lower right corner of the image is an old-fashioned-looking paper scroll with the caption: "La Salle was the first European to cross the Great Lakes by ship. The first of the lakes that the Griffon crossed was Lake Erie."

Here's a link to the book on

La Salle - French Explorer of the Mississippi

And so I'm published! Life is full of surprises!

Anyone else have a nice surprise that makes you smile? You're very welcome to comment and share ...