Saturday, February 6, 2010

March for Life January 2010, The Showdown

Notre Dame's appearance at the March for Life was itself newsworthy. The two banners in the photo above tell the story.

First you have the official Notre Dame Right to Life banner complete with the university logo and the phrase "fightin' for life." Approaching in the background you have a banner that reads, "Father Jenkins: Free the Notre Dame 88."

Who are the Notre Dame 88? A group of pro-lifers arrested on the Notre Dame University campus for peacefully protesting President Obama's presence at last year's commencement. Among those arrested was an elderly Catholic priest named Father Norman Weslin.

Who is Father Jenkins? Father Jenkins is himself a Catholic priest and the President of Notre Dame who bestowed an award on pro-choice President Obama at the commencement. Father Jenkins will not drop the charges against the Notre Dame 88. And Father Jenkins attended the March for Life!

Those interested in more information on Father Jenkins and the Notre Dame 88 may read the latest article on LifeSiteNews at the link below.


Annie said...

I'm still shaking my head in wonder. Fr. Jenkins has rationalized himself into oblivion. He is beyond understanding. He needs a 30 day silent retreat.

Janie said...

Interesting conflict between the 2 priests and their politics.