Monday, February 8, 2010

Hemlock Creek Bridge, Painterly Version

Just wanted to see how a winter photo I posted earlier would look if I fancied it up a bit. The Hemlock Creek Bridge is located at the Bedford Reservation in the Cleveland Metroparks. Another reason why I love living in Northeast Ohio. Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious beautiful season today.


Annie said...

Today is my fourth day off in a row. Odd that it does not feel comfortable, CC. Everything was fine until I remembered I had a dental appointment today. :-(

Linda Pruitt said...

I like it! Colorful is nice!

Mary said...

Oh wow!! I love the colors!!!
How wonderful it would look framed!
Are you selling?? I would love to have a copy!

Montanagirl said...

Very nice work with the photo. So colorful!

Jane said...

Ahh! So very nice!


CountryDreaming said...

Annie: Here's hoping that you're getting in tune with a good new workable schedule that fits where you are in life, and that you survived the dentist okay!

Mary: Yes, this as well as my other fine art photos on the blog are available for sale. I'm thrilled that you like the painterly version of the Hemlock Creek Bridge!

Linda Pruitt, Montanagirl, Jane: Thank you for the encouragement of your kind compliments!