Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dream of Freedom

Stirred by a wind coming down from the mountain and bathed in the last rays of quiet sunset majesty, a horse lifts its head. Soon the sheltering fences will find themselves enclosed within the folds of night that will turn even the blue ridge to a sleeping black. The horse will remain awake, to graze, and to dream of freedom.

This photo was taken two weeks ago on a quick trip to a Bed & Breakfast in Virginia, and to my mind made the whole journey worthwhile all by itself.


Annie said...

So beautiful how you worked the intensity of these colors. It's like a dream and expresses the joy you experienced on your trip.

Re: your comment - I looked up September 29th in my copy of "Lives of the Saints". Turns out this date is also the feast date of Archangels Gabriel and Rafael. Then I checked today's date, out of curiousity. September 8th is observed as the traditional birth date of Mary. Happy Birthday Blessed Mother.

Mami said...

It has been long time seeing you.
what a beautiful rainbow colour picture!! It is reaaly art!!
i love it!! thank you

The Hunter's Wife said...


Mary said...

This is beautiful! Virginia is such a pretty state. I grew up in Maryland, and have family living in the Virgina area. Every time I visit I am awed by the beauty!


Montanagirl said...

Interesting color in this one. The post is lovely.

Poetic Artist said...

I love the look of this glowing colors. The words are beautiful also.
Where have you been? You are going to have to send me your email, if you want. My email is on my profile. Take care.

Teresa Mallen said...

Lovely photo and congrats on getting away to a B and B. Sounds lovely.

CountryDreaming said...

Annie: Thanks for providing the further info on the feast days in September. It'll be a good reminder for me. Had some pictures of a small Marian shrine, but I guess I can post them another time. So much to celebrate!

Mami: Thanks for your visit and kind words. It's good to see you again. I always love reading your blog entries about your life in Japan!

The Hunter's Wife: Thanks for stopping by! Your story about the bag lunch saga cracked me up, too. :-)

Mary: Whereabouts in Maryland? I spent a couple years in Southern Maryland. Discovered a real nice nature trail or two down there, may have been the Calvert Cliffs ... there was an Osprey there. Virginia is a place I'd love to move to if I weren't living in Ohio.

Montanagirl: Thanks! Am very much enjoying all your in-flight birds ... You're definitely an expert there ... Me, a nice slow-moving landscape is more my speed. * grin *

Poetic Artist: Just been a combination of a crazy summer and a slow time for new inspiration and pictures ... until this recent trip to Virginia. Am super glad I went, it was soooo worth it! And you're right, we'll Definitely have to keep in closer contact, I'd really like that, thanks Katelen! :-) Next time I stop by your blog to comment I'll have to e-mail you.

Teresa Mallen: While my little trip can't compare to your journey to your major event of the CPSA convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Virginia was definitely memorable in a good way which will inspire creativity into the future. Always good to expand our horizons!

EcoRover said...

Nice photoshop work--like those avant garde dayglo acrylic paintings of the 70s (neo-realism revival, was it?).

CountryDreaming said...

Actually, EcoRover, it sounds like you're far more knowledgeable on the style of 70s avant garde dayglo acrylic painting than I am. I just take a photo and see if I can "make it look like art." Then it can be alot of fun when other people tell me what style I've ended up doing! But now you've got me curious, I'll have to look it up. Thanks! :-)

Mary said...

Such interesting coloring!

Janie said...

Beautiful. I love the horse, the flowers, the corral, the intense color, just everything. great photo.