Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not in Kansas Anymore - Wizard of Oz Coincidence Alert

This photo was taken on my journey through Oz last August.

This past Saturday I attended a "Meet the Artists" reception at the Westlake Porter Public Library sponsored by the Westlake Westshore Arts Council as part of the 11th Annual Community of Fine Arts Juried Exhibition.

The above photo was on exhibit at the Porter Public Library.

Before the show, I made sure to dab on some Emerald City perfume that my best friend had bought for me several months ago. Simply because for some time now, it seems that Wizard of Oz coincidences tend to happen along with art happenings that I'm involved in.

The above photo was on exhibit at the Porter Public Library.

And I have another small instance of this to document here in my blog. In the library we assembled in a room where you could partake of refreshments, enjoy a Powerpoint slide presentation of the artwork if you had trouble getting around or wanted to save yourself from a lot of walking, watch a portrait painter and a watercolorist at work, and listen to a piano player.

Well of course, one of the piano player's songs turned out to be "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." It was a personally touching moment. Just wanted to share ...

The above photo was on exhibit at the Porter Public Library.

As the weather turns cooler, I expect to be hanging around my blog ... and your blogs, more. It's been a real crazy summer. I'm looking forward to autumn ... and of course, winter.

It will be good to visit everybody's blogs again.


Mary said...

Welcome back!!! Looking forward to hearing about your summer.

Thanks for the get well wishes, I am feeling a bit better today.

Montanagirl said...

Hey, glad you're back! Be fun to hear what you've been up too!

Bren said...

Welcome back! Darn but we missed you, I was sure you really had been swept off to Oz! Beautiful photos. I can almost feel the hush and the dampness from the fog on my skin. Love the horse surrounded by liquid emerald, mmm. Love the abstract feel of the second, and I have a thing for images of times lost and captured great comp of the run down buildings.

Annie said...

Hi and welcome back (a little late by me anyway). Summer has been jumping hasn't it? I notice a lot of folks have taken time off or have been posting less. Enjoyed this post very much and look forward to more of your adventures.

Kellie Graham said...

Good to see you again. You've been busy, love the photos you've shared, looking forward to more

Janie said...

I really enjoy hearing your Wizard of Oz coincidences.
That first photo is magical, and of course I love the third one with the horse and reflection.