Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hocking Hills Joyride with an Innkeeper

Well, the search for the perfect redbud tree didn't happen, as the flowering trees were all leafed out and ready to get down to summer business. However, life in the Hocking Hills held other treasures fit for discovery. The first one being this Fallen Cabin in Spring Green.

On my arrival at Painted Valley Farm Bed & Breakfast, the innkeeper Luanne invited me to join her for dinner in town and then to go out for a country joyride in her van. Her husband was going bowling that night and she had always been curious as to how exactly I went about getting photos. I was happy for the company, especially as Luanne pointed out valuable scenery that I would have otherwise missed. The cabin and root cellar, for instance. I would have driven right by both!

First thing Luanne learned was that I do not just take one shot and leave. I stand there and snap away, a dozen, two dozen shots of the same subject, from slightly different angles, hoping that one of the shots will turn out decent. She was patient and also graciously volunteered to stop the van whenever I saw something worthy of a picture.

Root Cellar on Narrows Road -- This was Luanne's favorite find. Thanks to her, I learned what a root cellar looks like. It had been filled in so neighborhood children wouldn't fall in and get hurt.

After our stop along the roadside woods, we continued on our adventurous journey. Stopped in briefly to chat with Luanne's Amish neighbors. It was nice visiting a place where the music was provided by the family parakeet rather than radio or TV, and the conversation was quiet, simple, and friendly. I would just love to live in surroundings like this.

Wild Mustard along Macedonia Road -- Had been at this spot before a couple years back, but preferred the lighting on this particular evening.

'56 Chevy -- "Oh, CountryDreaming? Here's a sight that means something to me, but may not to you. It's a '56 Chevy." Luanne glanced nostalgically out the window.

"Turn around, there are people who really like old cars parked up on lawns."

"But look at everything else there on the lawn ... "

"That just adds to the atmosphere." Watching and listening for pit bulls or other watch dogs, I got out of the van and snapped a memory.

Windshield Wonderment -- After getting back in the van from photographing the Chevy, I swung my camera around to see the results but discovered to my amazement that I'd left it on in Landscape mode. This sight above greeted me through the camera aimed through the windshield and I gasped. Luanne started the engine and was just starting to move when I yelled out, "STOP THE CAR ... STOP THE CAR !!!"

"What, right here?"


"Don't you want to get out?"


Luanne stopped, bemused at the method to my madness, while I was grateful for her patience. She wondered why I was taking pictures of treetops through dusty glass, but fully understood once I showed her the results.

While I still miss the wondrous redbuds of yesteryear, I guess there are other things to see ...


Bren said...

You have been busy. What a parcel of great shots. Enjoyed the naritive of your photo session gives us a glimpse into a photographers eye. The old root cellar is quite a find, not many of those about to photograph and of course love the field of mustard and your closing shot.

Bren said...

Hey there Country. Nothing dumb about you, it was my lack of clarity. Actually the bottom image was me playing with Photoshop and adding the border & changing the texture of the collage. The top one is the actual collage :-)

Janie said...

I love the little cabin falling down. With the new green of the forest all around, it looks like it may be taken over in a few years.
Love the carpet of yellow flowers, too.

fishprincessdesigns said...

Love the photos! Hocking Hills is a beautiful area to explore.It's one of my favorite getaways. Something new and wonderful in any season.

Gary Keimig said...

great trip. Sounds so much like me on an excursion. I know it used to drive my children and grand children bananas. Love discovering and exploring. those old relics and buildings. What stories they could tell.
I was wandering through almost impenetrable brush and timber along a stream N E of Dubois and ran across an old cabin several years agol A Cottonwood had fallen across it pretty well destroying it. I still wonder what its life story is? Probably an old trappers cabin??

maria said...

what a lovely place. i absolutely love the photo of the wild mustard -very beautifully composed

Wendy Mould said...

I love the old root cellars they are full of mystery and intrigue. Great pictures and I enjoyed the commentary. Thanks every so much for your comments on my picture

Mary said...

An interesting account of your artistry at work. It is hard to explain to someone else what captures the photographer's attention and why they snap so many photos. Love that root cellar and the fallen cabin. The trees through the windshield are lovely, too. You have a great eye for what makes a wonderful shot.

CountryDreaming said...

Thank you very much everyone for your kind encouragement and support!