Saturday, January 22, 2011

Throw Another Log on the Fire

It's c-c-cold out there! Why, it's cold in here, too! A mite drafty at that, ain't it? But you can't beat the scenery when it comes to providing crisp, clear, snow-covered, evergreen-adorned fine winter atmosphere.

Took this photo down in the Hocking Hills region of Southern Ohio while staying at Painted Valley Farm bed and breakfast in February 2007. This unfinished cabin was setting in part of the innkeepers' (or should I say farmkeepers'?) driveway. I looked through one of the windows (there was no glass in the window, just a square hole in the logs) with my camera to get this shot.

Rustic life is surely the life for me!

How about you?


lisaschaos said...

It does look a bit chilly but lovely!

Lancerika said...

AwEsOmE cabin capture!
love these snowy,magical
Winter days...
mercy for coming by:)
you are very kind!

Pam said...

The stark beauty of your shot is magical.
You are a wonderful artist in both photography and prose.
Keep following your dreams.

be Happy,

Thanks for your kind words..

Corine said...

Great shot! I love the cabin... and rustic life. Can't wait to see what else you have here. :)

PS Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. Welcome back any time! :D

texwisgirl said...

Rustic is okay - extra breezy? Not so much. :)

Thanks for finding my blog and commenting! Will enjoy following you!

Montanagirl said...

I think it's naturally air conditioned! Nice photo.

Janie said...

The cabin does look a bit drafty, but the photo is awesome!

Tracy said...

Yes, the cabin is a bit drafty...not surprising for an Ohio winter day! I certainly don't miss those days in Ohio! My husband went to OU but I've never gone to HH but wouldn've loved to looks beautiful!
thanks for sharing...and stay warm!

Linda Pruitt said...

Love this old cabin. Wish I was somewhere that there was a cabin!

CountryDreaming said...

Thank you very much everyone for all your kind words, encouragement, and support. I enjoy hearing your perspective on things and where you're coming from!

Bren said...

love this shot, love the unique POV you choose. Great stuff!