Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome to Country Corner

The above photograph is called "Valley Barn" and was taken in the Hocking Hills of Ohio on a gorgeous May morning.

I'm a photographer who loves the landscapes and nature of Ohio. Amish Country, the Hocking Hills, and Kelleys Island draw me to visit again and again. I also love creating fine art effects in Photoshop with an abstract or surreal flair.

The above paragraph doubles as both my blog introduction and my artist’s statement. At least for now.

This past August, I had a lot of fun participating in the Kelleys Island Art Show. (Even when the card table I had lugged from the mainland fell apart!)

Three of my photographs were on display in December of 2008 at the Market Street Art Center in Lockport, New York as part of an exhibit called "Off the Walls."

In this blog I look forward to featuring Flickr photographers and Etsy artisans who handcraft everything from soap to jewelry. I’ll be sharing my own thoughts, feelings, and sometimes zany adventures … along with a special focus on landscape, nature, and fine art photography. I’ll share links that I’ve found helpful or enjoyable. And I’ll invite you to share your opinions.

See y’all next time.

Living in the suburbs, dreaming of the country,

~~ CountryDreaming


Livy said...

Hello and welcome to the blogging world!

blueberryjunkie said...

Just saw your blog on the Etsy forums. Good luck with your blog and with your shop.


Rosemary said...

Just saw your thread on Etsy Forums, welcome to the blogging world. I just started one 2 weeks ago. It is fun to share with other bloggers. Good luck.

Rosemary, Gardengatedesigns

Audrey said...

Welcome to blogging!! You will get addicted! That picture is amazing - might want to paint it!!

Carol said...

Welcome to the World of Blogging! I hope you love it as much as I do. I'm in NE Ohio. Where are you?? I'm off to check out your Etsy shop!

CountryDreaming said...

Dear Livy, blueberryjunkie, Rosemary, Audrey, and Carol:

Thank you all for the warm welcome, it's so nice to meet you! Believe it or not, I'm from Northeast Ohio too. Small world. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Mary said...

This is beautiful with the blue sky, white clouds and the old barn and grass colors. I love this!

CountryDreaming said...

Thank you, Mary. I'm always happy to share Ohio's prettiest places.

Mary said...

You need to check out the post I did on Quilt Barns in the Urbana, OH area. I think there is a link on the sidebar of my quilt blog even though it was in my photo blog.